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We meet with you at your home, walk the property and discuss what you like (and what you don't), as well as your goals. We absorb your style from various cues, like your interior decorating, and ask a lot of questions. From this meeting, we get a really good idea of what you're trying to accomplish. Once we agree on the scope of the project, we get to work.

We accurately measure your site, taking detailed inventory - even including such elements as water spiggots and electrical outlets (this stuff is actually important) - and take plenty of photos. From this, we develop a comprehensive base drawing of your property which we use to sketch out design concepts.

Typically, several sketch concepts are explored before we arrive at a design that incorporates your goals and aspirations with sound architectural and horticultural knowledge. We typically revisit the space to ensure the plan reflects every consideration. Whether we're creating a master plan or a small, detailed area, we want to make certain that whatever we do positively affects the entire property, not just the piece we are working on.

In our second meeting, we come back and present the plan with a proposal for its installation. We have photos of all the plants and any hardscaping as well as a scale drawing.

Once the final design is completed by us and approved by you, the fun begins. We work out a construction schedule that will have the least possible intrusion on your day-to-day, and gets the job done as quickly as possible (depending on weather,
of course).

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We're done! Enjoy - invite your family, friends, neighbors. And if you need regular landscape maintenance, we can do that too.

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