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"Becky and I want you to know how beautiful our pond and backyard are and have been all summer. When we hired GL Designs to landscape my pond (one of my most prized possessions) and our backyard last year, I was concerned about the money we were committing, and I was worried the "flavor" of our very "wild" backyard landscape would be lost in our trying to tame it. You managed to maintain the real flavor of our woodsy environment while taming it and providing a wonderful array of plants that provided continuous blooms of one kind or another. We love looking out on our yard and pond. A bonus that I hadn't figured on are the butterflies and hummingbirds we are seeing."

Guy & Becky, Lansdale, PA: Backyard renovation.

"During our ongoing interior renovations, we had sorely neglected our outdoors. Racing in to dodge the Cicada Killer Wasps felt like an Olympic sport. The funny thing is, my husband really enjoys the outdoors and his collection of plants and animals. He had been stocking the yard with a 'varied assortment' over the years, but we were both ready for some order. Andrea & Gary really listened to what we had to say and incorporated our ideas into the design plan. Our main goal was to create inviting entrances to our home, which were completely hidden by large, overgrown plants. The new masonry and portico directs visitors to either the front or back, the trash has its own hidden area and the millstone sculpture attracts birds that keeps us and our dog entertained! Now we've gone from the title of "Worst yard in the neighborhood to the Best."

Susan & David, Ambler, PA: Entire property renovation - patios, walks and exterior home renovations.

"We were new to the area and wanted to find a landscape contractor who would reflect our European style in your local climate. All we really knew is that we thought the exterior of our home was very blasé and wanted some color and punch. They reorganized our trees and changed the shape of our patio to make it so much more functional and pleasant to be on. The seasonal color was just what we were looking for. They handled every aspect of the installation, down to the lighting. Every day felt like a vacation when we came home from work! They exceeded our expectations."

Ulrike & Rainer, Lower Gwynedd, PA: Entire property and patio renovation.

"Andrea really took the time to listen to what I was trying to accomplish. I care a lot about having a variety of bird visitors and the plantings reflected that. My yard had gotten out of control over the years with some plants taking over. They sorted out the wheat from the chaff and added new things for a more organized look as well as extended seasonal color. The landscape has a lot of natives and is really easy to maintain. There is always a surprise: some plants start blooming in February and there is color throughout the year."

JB, Ambler, PA: Backyard renovation.

"You know you have an issue when you buy a house and while meeting the neighbors, a 9-year old tells you that "it's a nice house but it could use a little landscaping"! She was right and we called Gary's Landscaping and worked with Andrea Steinberg on our front and side yards. We are extremely happy with the results! Andrea worked diligently with us, coming to the house often both to look at the yard and meet with us, ensuring that the end result was exactly what we wanted. Andrea's thoughtful landscaping plan gave us a yard that looks beautiful throughout every season. I highly recommend GLDesigns."

Jillian in Fort Washington, PA: Master plan - front & side, driveway, lattice, walk and plantings.

"Our backyard was a blank slate that felt more like a narrow thoroughfare than a yard. We had a beautiful historic house and wanted to create an outdoor area for entertaining and relaxing that would live up to the look of our house but with a modern sensibility. The circular design of the patio and its fluid connection with the walks makes for a seamless, integrated navigation and seating area. It also made the backyard appear much wider and interesting. We couldn't be happier with the end result."

IS & PA, Doylestown, PA: New patio, walkways and landscaping.

"I'm almost embarrassed to say, but when I came home and saw the changes, I actually hugged Andrea and said, 'It's worth more than we paid!' Our beautiful home was hiding behind large overgrown bushes. Once we took out some of the plants, transplanted others, added new plantings and some matching masonry under the porch, I felt that the house was transformed. The dedicated hidden trash area was an added plus. I would highly recommend them!"

Jen B., Souderton, PA: Front Renovation

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